Welcome to the Ashdown House

Built in 1913 by Winnipeg architect J. H. G. Russell, the Ashdown House was originally built for hardware merchant J. H. Ashdown.

In 1952, the mansion was purchased by the Shriners to be used for their meetings. When the Shriners moved their temple to another location, WOW Hospitality Concepts Inc. purchased the Ashdown House and renovated it to become the finest steakhouse in Winnipeg.

The second floor of the mansion is divided into a number of small and large dining areas. These rooms are the perfect place to host conferences and events. The third floor and basement of the Ashdown House are dedicated to the offices of WOW Hospitality Concepts Inc., which owns and operates 529 Wellington.

When the Winnipeg weather cooperates, The Terrace is a wonderful spot to enjoy the sunlight while having lunch, dinner, or even a glass of wine.


Fraser McLeod
Executive Chef

Fraser started working for WOW! Hospitality at the Old Spaghetti Factory in 1986 while attending the University of Winnipeg. After graduating with a degree in Anthropology, Fraser did a stint at Hy’s Stanley Park in BC before returning to Winnipeg to immerse himself in the industry.

Fraser was a part of the 529 Wellington opening team and became Executive Chef in 2008. He brings his passion for food, combined with humility and kindness, to his kitchen every day.  Working with 3 Red Seal Chefs, he is constantly teaching and inspiring.


Jim Armstrong
General Manager

Jim started his career in restaurant management in 1979 at The Keg Restaurants, where he met Doug Stephen, who was then the Area Partner for The Keg. He started working with WOW! at Pasta la Vista in 1995 and since then has had a hand in developing many of the WOW concepts.

In his role as Vice-President of Operations, Jim was the first person on the WOW team to see the Ashdown House and share with Doug its potential as WOW’s cornerstone concept. In 2003, Jim turned his focus from the broader WOW operations to focus on 529 Wellington. He has worked with his team to grow the vision of 529 and make it the premier steakhouse on the Prairies.


Christopher Sprague
Wine Director

Christopher was part of Winnipeg’s very first Sommelier graduating class in 2002. While working on the opening team at the Hilton in Niagara, Christopher had a fateful meeting with Doug Stephen, who told him, “I am going to give you one of the biggest wine lists in Canada.”

In spring 2000, Christopher returned to Winnipeg to launch the wine program for 529 Wellington, where he shaped the most decorated wine list in Manitoba. In 2020, Christopher became the Wine Director of WOW Hospitality.


Tali Millo
Operations Manager

After 5 years of schooling and working in the restaurant industry in Edmonton, Tali decided she missed her hometown. Returning to Winnipeg in 2018, she sought out an opportunity with WOW and was hired as Assistant Manager at Carne Italian Chophouse.

Tali’s eagerness to experience new aspects of the industry brought her to 529 Wellington in October 2019, where she has brought a new energy to the management team. Tali has relished the opportunities to grow her wine and food knowledge and contribute to making 529 a truly unique destination in Manitoba.