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À La Carte (Grill-at-Home)

Ready-to-grill Canada Prime New York Strip steak (10 oz.)
This textural and iron-rich cut is for true carnivores that like their steak with a little grip.  $28

Ready-to-Grill Canada Prime Aged Ribeye (14 oz.)
This rich, juicy cut is great to achieve photo-worthy grill marks.  $28

Ready-to-Grill Canada Prime Beef Tenderloin (8 oz.)
This famous cut is melt-in-your-mouth tender and versatile.  $31

Ready-to-Grill Canadian Lamb Chops (8 chops)
Naturally tender and mild flavoured Canadian lamb.  $65

Ready-to-Grill Prime Beef Burger Patties (2 x 8 oz.)
Our home-ground prime beef patties, ready for your BBQ.  $22

Ready-to-Grill Organic king salmon (8 oz.)
Our King Salmon (also known as Chinook salmon) is sustainably sourced and has a moist and buttery smooth texture!  $20

Ready-to-Cook Black Cod (7 oz.)
Also known as (sablefish) this North Pacific deep-sea fish is considered a delicacy and served in some of the best restaurants around the world.  $28

Order 6 Ready-to-Cook items and receive two complimentary items from the 529 Butcher’s Pantry.

529 Butcher’s Pantry

529 steak spice (125 ml)  $5
529 Cajun spice (125 ml)  $5
Ancho BBQ sauce (250 ml)  $8
Peppercorn sauce (250 ml)  $10
Cabernet sauce (250 ml)  $10
Caesar dressing (250 ml)  $6

Grill-at-Home Packages

Bring Manitoba’s most unique steakhouse experiences straight to your home. Treat yourself and bring dinner at home to the next level or be the ultimate party host! Our grill-at-home packages are best enjoyed with good friends and family (but we won’t judge if you don’t share!). Our packages include recipes and instructions so you can successfully create your 529 at-home experience.

Butcher’s Feast

Calling all carnivores! 529’s signature Butcher’s Feast. Each package includes
4 x 14 oz. Canada Prime Aged Ribeye Steaks
4 x 6 oz. marinated Canada Prime Beef Tenderloin Skewers
8 marinated Canadian lamb chops.
Experience top-secret grilling and pairing tips from Executive Chef Fraser McLeod. Grill, slice, and pair each cut with our selection of sauces and condiments. (Includes 529 seasoning salt and 250 ml Ancho BBQ sauce)

Recommended wine pairing:
Argot Mosaic SYRAH 2016 Sonoma County (Regular menu price: $119, 529 Butcher’s price: $68)
Argot Starstruck CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2017 Napa Valley (Regular menu price: $258, 529 Butcher’s price: $128; limit of 6 bottles)

Surf and Turf

4 x 10 oz. Canada Prime New York Striploin Steaks
4 x Canadian Lobster Tails
Tomato olive & caper relish
Cabernet jus

Recommended wine pairing:
Argot Mosaic PINOT NOIR 2016 Sonoma County (Regular menu price: $119, 529 Butcher’s price: $68)
Argot Hawk Hill Vineyard PINOT NOIR 2014 Sonoma Coast (Regular menu price: $154, 529 Butcher’s price: $74)

Deluxe Burger Kit

4 x 8 oz. freshly ground Prime Beef Patties
4 x buttered brioche buns
1 beefsteak tomato, fresh lettuce

Recommended wine pairing:
Mortar & Pestle CABERNET/MERLOT South Australia (Regular menu price: $46, 529 Butcher’s price: $24)


Prime grade beef is laced with abundant marbling, which means the most tender, juicy, and flavourful cut of beef in Canada. Only 2% of graded beef is given the Prime grade.